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Curious spanish game.^.


Lovely series. Thanks for sharing. That's interesting, about the game, it's exactly the same as 'marbles' here in the US. You get to keep what you knock out of the circle.


Ah, xbox and computer games are not necessary for fun after all. The men get to exercise their limbs and enjoy their camaraderie as well. :) Great pics as usual Sydney!

Ashish Sidapara

I did play probably a similar game with marbles, and i would never throw money around ;-)


looking at these series, i feel i'm being zoomed in and out. two different stories yet they both reveal the everyday life. i think some of your portrait photographs will look really nice in a b&w ;)


I am too quite curious about the game with the coins. The series is fascinating and as always the photography is superb. Very good works there.


Wonderful pictures Sidney. It's amazing that kids still love to play, whether they're in a huge fancy gymnasium with a proper court, or simply stringing a net between two trees. Almost as if the material world doesn't matter as much to them as it does to us.


enjoying this series so much: i'd love to know what's going on in the coin game though?


Another great series so far Sidney. These shots are full of energy.


I like how you depict the fun in this series :).


aaaah...i just miss playing street games when i was a kid.

kids nowadays...they're so different. most of them, anyways. do you think they'd envy us in these kinds of games? because i wouldn't envy them and those computer games...


Looks like an interesting game for all ages. Good series of shots.



I'm not familiar with this game but the boys seemed to enjoy it. When I was young, I remember playing taguan (hide and seek), patentero and agawan base with my friends.

I enjoyed volleyball too when I was in grade school (particularly in grade 7).

Thanks for sharing those great pictures.


the other game is volleyball. and the other? hehehe. sorry, i really don't know it


haha, funny how the kid @ the 1st pic raised his one leg while throwing the coin. nice capture of funny moments :)


Tatsing! Nalimutan ko na kung pano laruin yan.

Wim van der Meij

A nice insight in the "simple" life that the Philipinians seem to have. I like the flaming red of the shirts and trousers.


I am not familiar with the game the kids in the first pictures are playing. I'm guessing it's similar to another kid's game we used to play.. only with marbles.

I miss the good old Filipino games of yore... patintero, shatong, sipa, tumbam preso, etc etc... They have the Play Station now. Nothing beats the old games. :)

Volleyball was the only sport I ever played in highschool. hehe


a game to play, surely.
One again, a beautiful serie of nice shot!

david kleinert

great photos as usual Sidney - those kids look as though they enjoying themselves :)


you seem to be on an immersion mission Sidney. looks like you're blending in, the people seem to care less about you and your camera's existence.


This reminds me of the game I played when I was young. We call it taksi' back home :)


An interesting game. The people seem to be enjoying themselves a lot. Fine, sharp shots.



I used to play those "Tansan" (bottle caps) game, but different islands have different style of playing the game.

Like in Cebu. They used marbles and Tansan.

In Bohol or Leyte they used thin stones or small coral stones.

And Luzon they used Peso, Sandals etc etc. A fun and sometimes an intimidating game.


i enjoy seeing real men playing volleyball!

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